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~Beginning of Chapter 8
His eyes were the devil’s. They had a malicious glint to them, as if Satan himself incarnated. I saw anger almost building up in his chest, knowing that his insides had been stomped on. Jake’s hands balled up into fists. I could sense his pain from anywhere. All I could mutter was, “That’s how it feels like.” I could feel Edward’s cool breath on me, his breathing even and calm.
“Damn you.” He said, his voice trembling. I wasn’t sure who he was directing that to. I stood up, brushing sand off me. I wiped my face of any trace of expression. The tip of my mouth was turned up, in a malevolent grin. “Like how it feels, filthy mutt?” Even though I was trying to be as harsh as possible, a little tear drew from the corner of my eye.
I could feel his gaze rest on me. Before he could retort, Millie pushed herself forward. Edward looked at the miniature tramp. Her voice was evil. “Bella, what do you want!?” I shrugged, and then walked away. I heard Jacob pull Edward towards him, gripping his shirt with strength. “Listen leech. I don’t know how you got her back, but if you hurt her again, I’ll twist your insides out.” He pushed him violently away, and then walked away. Millie followed like a sick puppy.
It felt like one of those old sitcoms. The two burly guys, fighting furiously for the girl. I felt Edward’s arm come down on the small of my back. “It’s okay Bella.” I could sense the strain from his voice.
Edward went out to hunt. This was good, because he was getting galling with his ceaseless, cold glare. I felt a wave of remorse coming over me. Jacob was there when Edward wasn’t. I felt rather lonely. Constant grief passed over me, lashing me deeper and deeper every time. But then there was a catch, Millie. Truce was insignificant right now. Maybe a temporary resolution? I had no idea. I couldn’t just walk there and say sorry. Jake would be taken aback, and I could already see Millie shooting invisible hate-daggers at me, each one cutting me squarely in my non-existing heart. Senseless precautions just left me tactless and confounded. Turmoil ran through my head, making my knees tremble.
My senseless thoughts were interrupted by three quick raps on the door. I sighed, desperate for distraction. Slow as a vampire could be, I slugged to the door and let it creak open. I looked up at Jacob, his eyes bloodshot, and his face wet. “Jake?” I asked, one part question, one part resentment, and one part relief. He nodded, solemn. “What’s wrong?” I urged the answer out of him, as much as my anger flared. He swallowed, and put his head in his hands. “Millie…she. she…” I nodded sympathetically, although internally rejoicing. “left.” His husky voice broke, and he erupted into sobs. My irritation evaporated, and I felt a wave of déjà vu approaching. I could commiserate easily. I let him come inside the house. He plopped on the couch, his face red and puffy.
My once-there heart broke, and shattered. A flourish of pity fell over me, and I sat next to him, silently crying. “Its okay, Jake, I know how you feel.” He wept, bawled, and cried. Of course, Millie would leave. Millie was exactly like every other vampire. But I knew, if Millie came back, that Jake wouldn’t accept her. At least, I hoped.
Then it happened. Accident or purpose, it happened. We went into Charlie’s old room, me still comforting him, and it happened. Almost as if it never did, it was done. Mine and Jacob’s clothes were strewn across the floor, and my shrieks. It was a flash. Was it pity? Was it purpose? I wondered.
Edward wouldn’t be happy.
Sorry about the long delay.
I know a short chapter.
But i felt realllllllly bad about not updating. I know....horribly short!
Sorry. Just finals and stuff have been bugging me!
Bye Au Revior Enjoy
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